Priime Attribution

Here are the ways you can include attribution to Priime. This includes tagging on social media platforms or elsewhere.


Copyright Holder Attribution

Including attribution for the creator of the content licensed through Priime Galleries on social media platforms and elsewhere can be done in the following ways:

  • by Creator Name -- Use this when there is no available and linkable username on the medium that you are posting the photo to.
  • by @creator_username -- Use this when the username of the copyright holder is known and linked, such as on Instagram

If you intend to use the content you license for social media and need to credit the content creator, you can find their usernames, portfolio links, and more information on their profile. You can access this information later on their Priime Gallery profile pages, which will be linked to from your stored License on your logged in dashboard.

"Photo taken by Ansel Adams"
"Yosemite Morning by Ansel Adams"
"Photo taken by @anseladams"