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Photographers and videographers can earn revenue from licensing their work on Priime Galleries. As a Contributor, you can be invited by Curators to join their Galleries, apply for your photo or video to be a part of a Gallery, or create your own Gallery as a Curator and showcase your own work for licensing.

Unlike other licensing websites, Priime Galleries are run by Curators, similar to how an e-commerce store is run, or a real life gallery, and specifically designed for licensing digital media.

Licensing Revenue

Priime’s Galleries can help you earn revenue for your work. Curators will promote and distribute their galleries to buyers, and the buyers can then purchase a license for your work. Revenue is split between you and the Curator, and is set for each Gallery that is created by the Curator.

Curators help distribute and market your work, getting you the sales. They do quite a bit of work to get you the opportunity. Pick and choose wisely!


Priime Galleries are powered by Curation, which is all about recommending your work with a specific network of buyers. Art will always need a human element to help editorially collect photos and videos for consideration. Because Curators can be more than just the traditional stock agencies, their network reach is much larger than what existing licensing agencies can tap into.


Reach New Markets

Reach new markets untapped by traditional stock photo/video agencies through the fresh reach of Curators from all walks of life.

Passive Income

Make passive income from your unlicensed work at fair prices that are not set for volume, but set to accurately reflect artistic and production value

Fair Pricing

Prices in Priime Galleries are set by the Curators, and not by Priime nor for the reason of high volume sales. The focus is on fair pricing through clear representation of artistic and production value.

Example Revenue

This estimate includes hypothetical terms set by the Curator of a Gallery your work is a part of. We are using an example of a 70/30 split between the you, the Contributor and the Curator. The split is set by Curators when creating a new Gallery and agreed on by you, the Contributor, when applying.

Each License: $2,000
Commission to you (Contributor): 70%, or $1,400
Sell 20 licenses in a month: $28,000
One year revenue: $336,000

Apply to Galleries

Be considered early for Priime's Premium Tier offering by visiting our featured galleries and submitting your work for consideration!

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