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Create your themed Galleries and showcase fitting work from artists. Buyers from your own network, as well as from Priime's growing client list, will license photos and videos that you curate into the gallery.

Invite and Manage

Easily invite people to add their photos and videos to your Gallery with Priime's invitation system. Simply copy and paste the URL of a photo or video you have found on any website, like Instagram, and we'll send the invitation.


Earn revenue from buyers licensing work that you've curated, as well as from applications from artists who want to join your Gallery.

Curator Features

Do Good

Everyone has influence on some number of people. Do good by showcasing the work of your peers, or artists that you think deserve the recognition. Use your influence to help buyers discover their work.

Be the Boss

Your Galleries are your very own online stores with all the modern tools for licensing digital media. Be the boss. Set your own rules, decide who's in, who's not, and share the benefits of a successful gallery with your contributors.


Revenue Share

Each licensed photo or video will have a revenue share between you and the Artist. You get to choose the fair split for each Gallery.

Gallery revenue

Your Galleries can generate revenue through artists applying to join. Each application includes a fee that will help generate revenue. This application process also alleviates spam and ensures high quality applicants.

License Your Own

Are you an artist yourself? Galleries are also a great way to mix in your own work with that of others. Easily add your own photos and videos that meet your own standards to start licensing them to your existing network of buyers.

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Gallery Creation Fees

Start five galleries for free, normally $25 to open a new Gallery.

No Invitation Fees

Send invites for free to potential contributors. Invites include application fees to join your Gallery, worth $20 per invite.

Premium Tools

Get early and free access to all premium paid member tools, including messaging with buyers, customizable pricing, final license acceptance control, and more


You can choose to have Priime promote your gallery to high value buyers and prioritize them throughout the Priime network.

Example Revenue

Here is an example of revenue scenarios.
These are only estimates, but very attainable.

Licensing Revenue

We will estimate how much each license cost a buyer, a hypothetical commission split, monthly revenue based on number of licenses sold, and a one year revenue outlook. We have set an example of a 70/30 split between the Contributor and you, the Curator. This can be set by you, the Curator, when creating a new Gallery.

Each License: $2,000
Commission to you (Curator): 30%, or $600
Sell 20 licenses in a month: $12,000
One year revenue: $144,000

Gallery Revenue

In addition to license revenue, here is an example of the revenue from simply maintaining a Gallery. The revenue comes from applications to join.

Each application: $20
Fee is split 50/50 with Priime: $10
Get 300 applications a month: $3,000
One year revenue: $36,000

Yearly Revenue

In the two scenarios we presented, the math adds up to a total of:

Licensing: $144,000
Gallery Applications: $36,000

Yearly: $180,000

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