Recently, I was mindlessly scrolling through the Explore page on Instagram as I procrastinated going to bed at a decent hour as usual, when I unexpectedly stumbled across a photograph of a very homey, artistic and decorative apartment that completely captivated me. As I dug a bit deeper into the feed, I discovered that this amazing space belonged to Tucker Stanton, a stylist, designer, adventurer, fellow New Yorker and also founder of SCOUT - a new Brooklyn based furniture design company.

The company conceptualizes and construct furniture that is simple and classic. They love the mix of raw materials such as wood, metal and leather and for them, it’s all about creating things that last a lifetime and beyond. What I found equally appealing was the fact that all of their pieces are made completely by hand and following a few email exchanges, Tucker was kind enough to welcome me into this space where we chatted about life, his work, company plans and how part of being an artist is figuring out who you are which can be one of the most intense challenges a human being can face in their life.

I sincerely have a deep appreciation for people who build products with their hands. Having seen the amount of work that goes into something as straightforward as a stool or a TV stand, I can tell you that Tucker’s typical day is full of equations, calculations, measurements and any other endless amount of formulas that you can think of which takes intellect, hard work and agility.