I have been working on this project since January 2017. As part of my portrait photography self-learning experience, I decided to get in touch with as many people as I can, set-up the time and place to meet (which was quite challenging) and take black and white portraits of different faces from different ages, genders, cultures and backgrounds.
These are the first 20 faces I managed to collect, so far.
A mixture of family members, friends, colleagues, co-workers and social media figures.
Some of them I already knew, others I met for the first time during the shoot.
Faces from Egypt, India, Lebanon, and UK.
Most of the photos I captured were indoor using my ring light, and the rest were outdoor during the golden hour.
I am still in the process of collecting more faces, aiming to reach 50 before the end of the year. So who's in? :)
I used the Priime "BW - Shades" & "BW - Silk" filters across all of them.