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Priime Galleries are online stores for licensing photos and videos, curated by individuals to showcase work fitting specific themes, styles, and causes.

Curators from all walks of life create and manage galleries created on Priime. Because of the infinitely diverse reach of Curators, the photos and videos can reach buyers that were previously untapped by traditional licensing agencies.

Premium Tier Stock Photos

We will have a release of rare, exclusive photos, taken from high cost productions. These photos will be licensable at a fraction of the cost of usual custom campaigns. Get early access on our Premium Tier offering page.

How it works

Galleries are online stores, hosted by Priime, that Curators create and manage for licensing digital media.

Artists contribute their work to Galleries, either by being invited by Curators to Galleries, or by applying to directly to Galleries on Priime.

Buyers purchase licenses for work that they find in the Galleries, and the revenue is split between the Curator and Contributor.



Priime Galleries boast a beautiful layout that accurately communicates the value of the work as well as its potential effectiveness in buyer’s campaigns and projects, such as: specific qualities to notice, the pre-planning, production, post-process, and rarity of the situation and timing.

Modern Licensing

We have digitized all the licensing so terms can be custom tailored to a buyer’s specific needs. Licenses are also easily tracked and managed through modern tools, including notifications for expiring licenses, copyright infringement warnings, and more.

Fair Pricing

Curators can set different prices for licensing in their Galleries that is suitable for the type of work being licensed, resulting in the ability to have fair pricing for both artists and buyers.

Join Early

Learn more about how to join early to become a Curator, Contributor, or get early access as a Buyer to our Premium Tier stock photos.