The PRM Protocol is built on the Ethereum blockchain to provide a new standard for licensing digital content through a curation model. The Protocol will drive new forms of revenue for Creators, empower a new player in the licensing space, Curators, and provide authentic, high-quality work to Buyers that have not been tapped by traditional stock agencies.





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Evidence-Based Value

What’s a photo worth? With PRM, the cost of content is determined by a set of evidence-driven factors. Gone are the days of murky price points set by stock powerhouses. Creators are given sustainable and fair value for their work, and Buyers are supplied with high-quality content at price points they understand.

Know Your Rights

The internet is not exactly known for assigning attribution to content creators. The PRM Validation Network pushes to solve copyright infringement with proactive solutions like Proof-of-Ownership s Proof-of-Existence. It creates a frictionless selling process where Buyers are deterred from purchasing fraudulent work, and in turn, ensures that copyright holders are protected against the unauthorized reselling of their digital work.

Nothing Beats a Recommendation

PRM is a tightly curated marketplace based on the power of human recommendations, not algorithms. Closer to an art gallery than a stock library, PRM can reach an infinite number of unique markets through decentralization.

Influence the Influencers

Influencers today have more power than ever, but their options for monetization are incredibly limited. We give them the ability to create marketplaces of any size, turning their untapped following into a source of revenue.

Photography Is Just the Beginning

We’re starting with photography because it is what we know best, but the PRM Protocol is designed to be extended for any type of licensable digital content. That means anything that can be represented digitally — music, film, a VR module, or even physical spaces like an apartment or gallery — can be curated and licensed through PRM. Developers in our community can use PRM to create unique decentralized applications.


How it works.

A Decentralized Curated List (DCL) is a marketplace that can be created and curated by anyone.

The owner of the list, known as a Curator, can showcase interesting work, celebrate Creators they believe in, and ultimately earn revenue through licensing.

Margin Power is a computational function designed to accurately represent the value of digital content.

In PRM marketplaces, Creators are always given market value for their work, and Buyers are presented with fair price points backed by evidence. While Creators will still nave control over the price of their work, Margin Power provides a mathematical proof, so there is nothing to negotiate and no possibility of being under or overpriced.

The PRM Validation Network strives to solve copyright infringement.

By using the publicly traceable and verifiable nature of blockchain and decentralization, PRM can easily establish Proof-of-Ownership and Proof-of-Existence. Not only can PRM guarantee a fair price, but its system of validation ensures the credibility of what one is buying.

Priime is developing the first apps on PRM by extending the Protocol for protecting, licensing, and selling photographs.

It is a vital tool that will help our existing Priime communities and photographers all over the world. Priime's products on PRM will start with photography, but will be extendible for all other types of digital content.



July 2014

  • Priime Inc. is incorporated
  • Initialized Captial invests in the seed

January 2015

  • Y Combinator invests in Priime

March 2015

  • Priime for iPhone launches in the App Store and is named by Apple as the Best New App with over 400K installs in the first couple weeks

April 2015

  • Priime closes seed round

2015 - 2017

  • Priime Launches:
  • Priime RAW for iPad
  • Priime Collections for iPhone
  • Priime Styles for macOS
  • Live GIF
  • Priime Lightroom Presets

  • With over 2 million installs, Priime's apps are named Best New App, Editor's Choice, and lands at number three in top paid apps in the U.S. App Store


  • Priime begins planning and development of the PRM Protocol


  • Protocol Token issued (ICO)
  • PRM Protocol 1.0 complete


  • Priime releases photography end-user products and the stock photography DCL marketplaces hub
  • Priime releases photography extension code as an open-source library
  • Partners begin launching DCL marketplaces through Priime's stock photography platform


  • PRM Protocol v2.0 released
  • All developers will be able to develop any type of digital content type extension on PRM



The team at Priime is no stranger to designing and engineering elegant solutions to some of the most challenging technical and artistic problems. We have a long history of creating beautiful products for our community; we're proud to call users some of our best friends. We're a team of photographers, engineers, and artists. As such, we're thrilled to be innovating for an industry we love and are deeply embedded in.

Arthur Chang


Joe Pestro     


Andrew Ng


David Sacco

Computational Mathematics Lead


Priime Inc.

Priime, Inc. was founded in 2014 with the mission of building the best tools and community in the world for photographers. The founders are a team of technical co-founders with a lifetime of experience in engineering and design on end-to-end products, including a full suite of iOS and macOS photo editing applications, iOS and web photo publishing platforms, and more. Priime has worked and created great relationships with creative agencies, stock photo/video agencies, journalists, and influential photographers — many in the top 100 in the world. PRM and Priime products will continue the mission to create more tools for creatives in our ever-growing community.

Priime Products



Garry Tan

  • Managing partner of Initialized Captial
  • Former Y Combinator Partner
  • Early investor in Coinbase

Alexis Ohanian

  • General partner of Initialized Captial
  • Co-founder of Reddit
  • Best-selling Author
  • Early investor in Coinbase

Tian Li

  • Founder of
  • Founder of Hydro Protocol (HOT)
  • Formerly at Microsoft and Palantir



  • Y Combinator
  • Sherpalo Ventures
  • Garry Tan
  • Alexis Ohanian
  • Christian Sullivan
  • Wei Guo
  • Tian Li

Priime, Inc.

Investors *

  • Initialized Captial
  • Y Combinator
  • Amino Capital
  • Sherpalo Ventures
  • Fusion Fund
  • China Rock
  • Wei Guo
  • Ram Shriram
  • Garry Tan
  • Alexis Ohanian
  • Waynn Lue
  • Russell Cook
  • Aaron Harris

* You should not assume that any person, organization or entity identified as an existing investor of the company (publicly, privately or otherwise) is participating in, endorsing, promoting or affiliated in any way with this token offering, or has vetted this token offering. Each prospective purchaser of tokens should make their decision to participate in this offering independent of any potential or actual involvement, in any form, by other investors.